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The tuxedo rental or "black tie" was first introduced in the late 1800's by Henry Poole & Co. and offered a short smoking jacket for Edward VII The Prince Of Wales of The United Kingdom. The tuxedo was to offer an alternative to the customary "white tie" dress.

Tuxedos have changed their appearance through the years and can consist of many different types of looks these days. You can choose between a tuxedo rental or a formalwear purchase. Tuxedo styles have also changed in recent time and now offer a less formal look wth fashion in mind. For instance many tuxedos have recently been mistaken for suits, due to the ties being very suit like. They also can have vests, cummerbunds, cufflinks along with formal wear shoes, canes & hats.

However, there is no replacement for that wonderful formalwear look of a distinguished man in a classic black & white tuxedo outfit. There are many ways to buy tuxedos online or formal wear online by using search terms such as tuxedo rentals, formal wear rental, 
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